We are able to take care of your back office duties in many different ways.

We can take full control of your Accounting department by recording your bills in your accounting system by date so that we never pay bills late, yet waiting to pay the bills until they are actually due.  This insures that your dollars are in your bank account as long as possible.  We can record and file your sales tax each month.  You no longer have to worry about payroll, because we take care of all your payroll and payroll tax filings.  Your bank account is reconciled to date each time we visit, and all of your credit cards are reconciled to date, as well.

Maybe we can do this for your business in a couple hours a week, or a couple days a week.  Some businesses only need to see us once a quarter to file payroll taxes and reconcile bank statements.  We find that our time requirements are generally based upon number of transactions, and how many tasks you need us to take over.  No matter how often we come, we can design reports to print for you each time we visit so that you know exactly where you are regarding cash flow and credit availability.  We can also design reports to track your specific business metrics and provide those for you each time before we leave.

If you only want us to do some of the accounting tasks, we can accommodate that, as well.  Let’s meet and discuss how we can help your business.  Call now to set up an appointment.

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